SOT#59 The Jury Has Broken (Congratulations Matt)

SOT#59 The Jury Has Broken (Congratulations Matt)

Matt Finally Obliterates the Jury's Soul Through the Power of Special Music

Show notes

Court is Hell. Listen as the jury is stragically torn apart atom by atom until their soul collapes in on itself, yet somehow it's good times!


  • The Christian Boys - Praising You (2010)
  • The Christian Boys - If You Wanna Know (2010)
  • Judy Welden - Thank Heaven for Email (2012)
  • Tara Butler - Up Against The Version (1984)
  • Gene Marshall - All You Need Is a Fertile Mind (197?)
  • Break: Electra - Are You Automatic (1983)
  • Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew - Broadside (2011)
  • Bobbi Blake - My Panties (197?)
  • Bo Daddy Harris - American Queen (2021)
  • The Children Of Sunshine - Dandelions (1971)
  • Cheryl Merkowski - Pro Lapse (2009) Links :

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